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Kiruchi Storyboard by TheDragonofDoom Kiruchi Storyboard by TheDragonofDoom
My first storyboard ever! This was a project for Perspective. The story is a young man is running from my dreaded Kiruchi beast. He runs into a castle built within a mountain to try and ditch the beast, but it continues to chase him. He runs in to find that the bridge is out, he makes a leap of faith and barely grabs onto the other side. The Kiruchi stops and looks for a way across, in frustration he shoots out his triple jaws and is only inches away from his escaped meal. The man runs into the next room and latches the doors shut, thinking he is safe, only to find that the kiruchi beast brought friends.
So my first critique forgive me if this isn't too brilliant so you'll have to bare with me

So I'll start with the vision visually it had me confused at first but after reading your description this sequence made more sense to me and from beginning to end this looks like it can make a really nice sequence there is a little something that I believe could make this better, between panels 3 and 4 I think the should be something slotted in between them showing that there is a broken bridge ahead just so there isn't a sudden jump so the viewer knows that there is something potentially deadly in front and behind of the running guy.

This sequence is very original it's your own idea with your own creations stalking a guy so to me it's a very original idea and that's great!

The camera techniques used here are very well done from what I can see, the sequence as it goes on builds up suspense and just as he thought he was safe he isn't and apart from that one small kink in between panels 3 and 4 it's pretty much perfect.

This very well done and I would say this gives a nice impact to the viewer throughout the sequence with a little tweaking this will turn out to be a very nice sequence.

Hope this helps you out I've done a little cut sequence design with in my course and done a couple of projects on this so I'm hoping my experience will help out a little :)
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December 22, 2012
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